Factory Introduction
Suzhou Textile Machinery Favtory established in 1958, is a key enterprise in textile trade under the management of National Textile Bureau. At the same time, it is a hi-tec enterprise in Jiangsu Province as well as an important one with national support to undertake technological reform. Its net worth of fixed asset is more than RMB 50 million yu
General Manager: Shui Jianming
an. Out of the total 700 staff, 120 are specialists in different fields. The area of the factory is 84 thousand square meters, with 59 thousand square meter factory houses. The factory is installed with 400 sets of manufacturing machines, concise numerical control machines, molding, forging, heat processing, lifting and testing equipment introduced from Germany, Belgium, Swede etc. In addition, we have license of producing type I and type II pressure containers and importing and exporting.

The products from the factory incRoadde textile machines, dyeing and finishing machines, chemical and medical equipment. The current off-the-shelf, GA737 series flexible rapier looms acquired the reliability approval of National Textile Bureau for shuttleless loom. Annually 1000 sets are produced. Also the new product, GBJ750 high-speed auto- crochet machine, passing technology identification, is popular in market.